2011 Honda CRZ Progress Report

Posted on 15 May 2011 by admin

Hi car guys and Honda people!

I now have nearly 7,000 miles on my 2011 Honda CRZ (deluxe package, CVT) and it continues to grow on me.

Of course, in the six months I’ve owned it, gas has gone up to $4, which is what the car is designed for.

I think I have now achieved the optimum mileage possible on a road trip, exactly 46 mpg, from Portland to Salem, Oregon.  Conditions were ideal: summer regular fuel; 60 degrees and clear, so no use of lights, wipers or AC; Honda synthetic motor oil; a relatively flat trip with only the climb out of Portland to hurt mileage.  I simply set the system on Econ and cruise control at 64 mph.

It should be noted that it is hard to break 42 mpg highway in the dark of winter with AC, lights and all accessories working and winter fuel blend.

The stubby CRZ is not as efficient in shape as the Prius, so the mpg is drag-limited, and will go down if you travel at 70 or 75 mph.  The car is very willing to do it if you want, and rides and handles well for such a short wheelbase.

Hondas are generally tight little engines when new, and Honda uses a special break-in oil.  The engine is much peppier now after the first oil change to synthetic.  Certainly when driven in sport mode, there is more than enough power to make things fun, and also to exceed all legal speed limits.

Overall I really enjoy the car.  The stereo system is fantastic and the iPod works great for trips.  Luggage capacity is entirely adequate for two people.  I am planning to make a permanent tonneau cover to provide full luggage privacy soon.  It is a solid and tight little car; any squeaks come from your gear that is stowed right behind you.

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