Safety and serenity of a vehicle’s passengers

Posted on 23 January 2012 by admin

The following content was shared by a recent customer at Ron Tonkin Hyundai.

Yes, her story is very complimentary of our dealership.  Thank you, Teah Smith.

Most importantly, she speaks to the safety and desirability of the Hyundai Sonata based upon her recent experiences.  This is a story that can be very helpful to people struggling with not just the financial decisions involved in their next vehicle purchase, but with the most important element involved in their next vehicle purchase–the safety and serenity of the vehicle’s passengers.


To the folks at Hyundai,

Over the weekend I think my husband and I went to about 10 different dealerships.  The customer sevice is exactly what you expect from a dealership.  We were at our wits end and wanted to give up on finding a car.  Can’t really do that when you need to find something to drive. 

We came into your dealership yesterday… and right off the bat the sales man made us feel comfortable with his down to earth personality and no pressure what so ever to buy.  His name is Cameron Hollis.  I thank him for making it a pleasureable experience.

I also want to thank… I don’t know is name, but we were just about to leave because there was one more car that I wanted to look at.  Well the man said “what will it take for you to not leave”.  We jokingly said “drop the price to $6,500″.  He opened the door and said… lets see what we can do”.  We figuered we were already there, so why not.  We were offered coffee and really didn’t think we would leave with what we wanted to pay.  Well yes, there was a little wheelin and dealin but I had fun doing it.  We got the price down to what we were willing to pay.  After looking at [Kelley] blue book… I think we bought it for $2,000 under.  How awesome is that!

Now to the most important part to me.  A couple weeks ago I was in a roll over accident and it totalled my car and I had some minor injuries.  Mentally is where it messed me up the most.  It was very hard for me to drive after that.  I kept picturing the accident in my head.  It was an awful experience. 

Anyhow, to my point.  We bought a 2008 Hyundai sonata.  This morning I drove my daughter to school and I didn’t think about my accident at all.  All I could think about was how this car made me feel like I was driving on a cloud.  It’s so comfortable and smooth.  Most of all, I felt safe.  I want to go out and do a road trip just because I like driving it so much. 

Thank you to Cameron for making us feel comfortable and thank you the man that opened the door and said “lets see what we can do”.  I am very happy we chose to stay.  Can’t imagine driving anything else now.  Thank you all so much.

Teah Smith :)

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